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Welcome to GoMotoring. com,

So, what is GoMotoring about?  What makes it different, worthy of you marking it as your favorite Mini/MINI news/info site on your browser, and telling your friends about? 

It’s about real  info and news on yesterday’s classic Mini and today’s MINI. No, not the info that’s in the “me too” auto news sites, where they report on corporate sales figures, and the latest parts and model news from MINI, but the latest aftermarket products, news from the private repair shops, insights from trained technicians, club news and contacts, and some simple DIY/how-to ideas from the pages of MC2 magazine. If we show scoops or advanced info, we'll tell you what we know for fact, and if the info's still developing, we'll state so.

GoMotoring (or “GM” as we call it in the office) is our first volley in our multi-site and e-zine designs in 2012. Not taking ourselves too seriously, we’ve developed a mascot and some artwork derived from the days of Kilroy Was Here.  “Scooper” is more than a mascot; he’s our amalgamation of all our information assets. From friends we don’t name to our own insights into a story, Scooper represents everything in one (Copyrighted) cartoon mascot drawn by a friend in the MINI community. He’ll show up in the pages of MC2 magazine, too. He might even have his own clothing line! 

As part of the GoMotoring re-launching (December 2011- February 2012) we’ve a lot of great goodies and swag to give out for interacting with us. Just visit GoMotoring, or our present MC2 Magazine Facebook fan page and you could be watching your mailbox for parts or swag small or large! The list starts with four Bridgestone tires ($1,200 value), a set of wheels (over $2,000 value), and includes a Quicksilver exhaust (over $1,000 value), a $1,000 parts shopping spree, performance and cosmetic parts from advertisers and swag from the MC2 General Store, such as GoBadges, Wheelwax and our T-shirts. Rules for this will be posted on this site and on  

 As you have with MC2 magazine the last six years, we invite your constructive comments and input on GoMotoring at We can’t create what you want in a site unless you directly communicate with us.

Thanks much,

The MC2/GoMotoring team

360/ 698-7926 (Seattle, USA)