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This is where we show the aftermarket parts news. News from advertisers, new suppliers. An overview of the part, how it fits, is used, costs, where available, from whom etc. Images and links.

August 20,2012   
Mini Mania Seeks Marketing Manager

Mini Mania, the leading supplier of Mini Cooper parts and accessories for both the Classic and BMW MINI Cooper for the last 37 years, is looking for a top-flight MINI enthusiast. This is an enthusiast-driven business and we are looking for an energetic, talented and self-confident Marketing Manager to manage and coordinate all marketing, advertising and promotional staff and activities with emphasis on e-commerce. The candidate will conduct market research to determine market requirements for existing and future products among other marketing functions. If you are driven by the MINI brand and have experience in e-commerce you could join the best team and live in the best place in the USA.

The ideal candidate will be a MINI nut (translated, enthusiast) possess a business or marketing-related degree or equivalent professional qualification, and have experience in all aspects of developing and maintaining marketing strategies in the Internet automotive aftermarket industries.

Mini Mania is located in the Sierra Foothills of N. California one hour east of Sacramento and an hour west of Lake Tahoe.

More details of the job description can be found on the Mini Mania website at

Applicants can send their cover letter, resume and application to Please make sure to note the position you're applying for, and your salary expectations noted on your submission. This position requires relocation to the Grass Valley, California area.

August 20, 2012 
 Drive Yourself (lug) Nuts!

NOW AVAILABLE ONLINE! New chrome lug bolts with the Union Jack etched into the surface from McGard! Factory design and safety + beauty, style, precision & durability! 2-piece design provides optimum safety and performance. Precision manufacturing meets or exceeds OEM requirements. Beautiful bright and black chrome finish enhances the look of MINI wheels. The triple-nickel chrome plating is guaranteed for life not to chip, peel or rust.

For more information, contact McGard at 800/ 669-6887 or shop online at




Strut Your Stuff

Replace your stock rear control arms with this high performance bolt-in replacement. The soft rubber bushings in the stock arms flex and deform when loaded during cornering and braking, causing unwanted toe and camber changes. These precision control arms, anodized for long life, are made from 6061-T6 billet aluminum making them lighter and stronger than factory and most competitors’ arms. Additionally, they will allow for increased rear camber adjustment of between 0º to 4º, and fine-tuning of toe. This is a must have item for any Mini that has been lowered, is used on the track, or for spirited street driving. Left & right-hand threaded rod ends allow for simple length adjustment. The large precision grade, Teflon-lined rod-ends are custom preloaded to our specifications, and provide smooth and quiet operation, long life, and high reliability. With no wear or rattling problems, like those seen with other designs, due to undersized or low quality rod ends, we include stainless steel spacers for bind free operation and corrosion resistance. They are superior in strength to the aluminum spacers, used in other designs that can crush under loading.

For more information, contact: 858/ 674-5573.


Being A Little Dense

Water/ Methanol Injection from Autobahn Power raises the effective octane of 91-octane pump gasoline to over 116! It works by making the induction charge colder and denser providing power similar to 116 octane race fuel. Whether running you’re a supercharged or turbocharged MINI, the Snow Boost Cooler will allow you to run full power with safety even on hot summer days.  Kits starting at $423 

For more info: 877/ 683-3001 or











VIP Treatment For Your Countryman! 

Available from VIP Custom Parts is their new strut bar and strut tower plate combo for the Countryman S. Not only does the bar clear your stock intake, the end plates are laser cut from steel and tig welded. The end plates are powder coated in texture black and the cross bar is also texture black. VPN 1110 Strut Bar/ Mounting Plates: $199.00





Also available for your Countryman, is their AIRVIP 3. They made some changes to their very popular AIRVIP 1 (part # 801). The new AIRVIP 3: (part # 803) is the latest version for the Countryman S. The kit comes with a K&N high-flow air filter, brackets, silicone tubes, clamps, and all hardware needed to let your Countryman S breathe right. The removable top cover is laser cut and powder coated for easy filter cleaning. Estimated 10HP gain @ 4650 rpm. Watch the video on AIRVIP 3 and note how solid the mounting is with the added top cover and mounting bracket. The top cover keeps the cool air (which comes from the O.E.M. fresh air tube) trapped thus reducing intake temperatures. All our parts are made from the highest quality materials. VPN 803 (2011+): $269.00. VPN 803 EURO (2011+): $269.00 

For more information: . 602/ 448-2084 















Finally, An Oil “Barf” Can That Really Works! 

Every brand of car has a “gimmick” mod that many owners buy that’s inexpensive and simple. Ours is the oil catch, or “barf” can, that prevents oil from building up in the intercooler or intake valves, be it gen 1 or gen 2 engines. When Pete Eames of Greasy’s Garage called us to say he’d discovered a can that was obviously thoughtfully engineered we were skeptical, but 30-minutes with the design engineer and we were sold! Machined from billet alloy stock, this unit with its Nautilus-shaped interior and pre-filter medium and entry/exit at bottom/top mean that the oil droplets suspended in the gases actually get filtered, not merely blown from the entry pipe across the can and into the exit pipe.  It even has a small crank breather element in the cap before the gases leave the canister that remove the tiny less-than 10-micron oil droplets without any undue restriction or pressure drop.

 For more information: or 508/ 754-7327  

In Defense of Speed 

 If you’re a long-time MINI nut you know of DoS for their well-engineered water/air intercooler system. They now have another engineered product in their cold air intake they say is dyno proven to net 6-12 HP (at the wheels!), a significant power improvement given that most intakes change little but the intake noise in your MINI. Part of the secret is the filter actually pulls cold air from the engine bulkhead panel via the cowl vents at the bottom of the windshield. When you put the hammer down, you can actually hear the engine breathing in cold air, a great benefit for track time! The Countryman intake is due Summer 2012.

For more information  404/ 433-2452 

(Photo Courtesy of DoS customer Steve Fishman)

TyrolSport ShiftRx 

One of the benefits from working on Audi and VW is you get to see what the other guys are doing, then re-engineering it for MINI. So it is with TyrolSport.

Finally, a short shifter that dramatically changes both shift feel and distance AND can be installed by anyone with simple hand tools- a first for the MINI owner! The shift throw can be adjusted to either a 10% or a 40% reduction. In addition to shift throw, the shift feel is greatly enhanced, enabling a direct, precise and mechanical feel to shifting your MINI. Named the ShiftRx because it relieves the hassle of installation, it bolts on in 20-minutes and is 100% reversible, with no trimming or modification to existing components. Motoring just became more fun!

The shifter fits all 2007 through 2009 models with a manual transmission:

2008-2009 R55 Cooper, Cooper S and JCW

2007-2009 R56 Cooper, Cooper S and JCW

2009 R57 Cooper, Cooper S and JCW

They are working on the same concept for all 2010+ models (including Coupe, Roadster, and Countryman), which will be released in Fall 2012. 




TyrolSport Piston-Style Diverter Valve 

Designed from their VW/Audi experience, the TyrolSport will cure a problem not many of us know anything about. The standard diaphragm diverter valve in your turbo Mini Cooper S is prone to tearing as it ages. This considerably reduces turbo boost pressure and performance. Converting to this bulletproof OEM “piston style” valve will provide consistent boost levels and throttle modulation normally lost with other diaphragm designs. Motoring just became more responsive! Fits all 2007+ Cooper S 

For more information: 917-626-3368